Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Brewers Trade Overbay; Obermueller

Fox Sports first reported this story officially.
Milwaukee Brewers Official Site is now reporting.
Tom Haurdicourt recaps the entire day, with Poll:Brewers fans: Not enough obtained for Overbay

The Milwaukee Brewers traded Lyle Overbay to the Toronto Blue Jays for RHP Dave Bush (26), LHP Zach Jackson (20), and OF Gabe Gross (26).


Dave Bush (26): Syracuse Sky Chiefs, 5/29-7/22: 2-2, 9 GS, 4.42 ERA, 55 IP, 65 H, 40 K/9 BB; Toronto Blue Jays, 4/4-10/2: 5-11, 24 GS/25 G, 4.49 ERA, 136.1 IP, 142 H, 75 K/29 BB

2005 report:

2004 Season
Drafted as a reliever, Dave Bush arrived in the major leagues in only his second full season as a starter and showed a maturity that belied his experience, flirting with a no-hitter on July 20 against Oakland. He held up well while pitching farther into a season than he had ever been asked to do before, and finished off the campaign on October 1 with a complete-game, two-hit shutout in a 7-0 win over a depleted New York Yankees lineup.

Bush is a stylish pitcher who has a low-90s fastball and a good curveball. But lefthanded batters roasted him in his rookie season, and the Blue Jays will spend much of spring training helping him refine an already quality changeup. While he is eager and willing to throw the change to righthanders even when he is behind in the count, against lefties he was essentially a two-pitch pitcher. The Blue Jays were pleased with the fact that Bush was able to self-correct some mechanical difficulties during games, yet another sign of his poise.

Bush is a smart player and good athlete who does everything well, and that includes fielding his position. He has a slide-step delivery that he can use with men on base, but the Blue Jays didn't force the issue last season. They can be expected to ask more of him this season.

2005 Outlook
It will be a disappointment if Bush does not solidify his place in the Jays' rotation this spring. While he doesn't have the stuff to be a front-of-the-rotation pitcher, he certainly is a No. 3 or No. 4 starter and seems to have enough moxie to ensure a long major league career. Mastering the changeup will go a long way toward setting the tone for this season and beyond.

Zach Jackson (20): Dunedin Blue Jays, 4/7-5/28: 8-1, 10 GS, 2.88 ERA, 59.1 IP, 56 H, 48 K/6 BB; New Hampshire Fisher Cats, 5/28-7/26: 4-3, 9 GS, 4.00 ERA, 54 IP, 57 H, 43 K/12 BB; Syracuse Sky Chiefs, 7/26-9/5: 4-4, 8 GS, 5.13 ERA, 47.1 IP, 33 K/21 BB

No report found.Here's an interview instead.

Gabe Gross (26): Syracuse Sky Chiefs, 4/11-8/31: 102 G, 390 AB, .297 AVG., .390 OBP, .438 SLG, 116 H, 29 2B, 4 3B, 6 HR, 14 SB/2 CS; Toronto Blue Jays, 4/4-10/2: 40 G, 92 AB, .250 AVG., .324 OBP, .348 SLG., 23 H, 4 2B, 1 3B, 1 HR, 7 RBI, 1 SB/1 CS

2005 scouting report:

2004 Season
Rushed up to the major leagues from Triple-A Syracuse, Gabe Gross saw limited duty against lefthanded pitching and struggled against most righthanded pitching, too. Formerly a starting quarterback for Auburn and the 15th player chosen in the 2001 draft, Gross hit a grand slam off the Oakland A's Justin Duchsherer on September 5 and had five outfield assists. The latter figure removed any concern the team had about lingering effects from a strained elbow that threatened to cut into Gross' playing time in the minors.

Gross has a chance to hit his share of home runs once he establishes himself in the major leagues. He has a sound knowledge of the strike zone, making significant strides in that area since deciding to focus on baseball in 2001. If there was a concern noted by the Blue Jays, it was a tendency to break down slightly on his back leg, which gave him a noticeable upper-cut swing. That tendency prevented him from taking full advantage of his strength and instead of driving the ball into the gap he often was hitting weak, flyball outs.

Baserunning & Defense
Gross is a gifted athlete with good agility for a player of his size, and he has become a better judge of flyballs simply through an accumulation of playing time. He pleasantly surprised the Blue Jays with both the accuracy and strength of his throws, and showed good awareness in developing situations. He is a sound fundamental player, capable of playing both corner outfield positions.

The Crew also traded Wes Obermueller for Dan Kolb. There will be some contract restructuring for Kolb. A great slap in the face to Atlanta if Kolb works out this year (even half a year!), and Capellan is starting to show that he's figuring some things out(check out September stats)...

Our pitching staff is looking kind of loading now. Jackson ought to be ready in about a year or so.

The best part? Fielder is just about guaranteed the starting 1B job. The future is now!

For some fond memories...2005 opening day starters:
C: Miller
1B: Overbay
2B: Spivey
3B: Cirillo
SS: Hardy
LF: Lee
CF: Clark
RF: Jenkins

Things are changing a lot with the Crew. Kudos to Melvin, I am sure he has more up his sleeve...


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